The United Peoples of the Skyhole

The geographically smallest proper nation in Artrune, The United Peoples of the Skyhole are the only democracy. They sit between Korolia to the west and Sorlick to the west. The land is called the “Skyhole” because it is rains more here than anywhere else in the world, and travelers joke that there must be a hole in the sky. The land is covered in rainforests, and the houses are in the trees, with roads built suspended from branches. Most citizens live their entire lives without ever touching the ground, unless they leave the nation.

The Skyhole is so small that there is only one city in it, but it is the most populous single city outside of Grug’nak. The city has rich trade, and the best free education known to the world, with the best literacy rate. People wear extravagant dress, made mostly of silks, flower petals and bird feathers. It is common for people here to live in apartments rather than building their own personal homes, as construction among the tree branches is exceedingly difficult.

There are 14 districts in the Skyhole, and each one has an elected representative in the ruling council. In addition, there is a “Grand Facilitator,” somewhat analogous to a president, and “Minor Facilitator,” somewhat analogous to a vice president, who are considered to be in charge of the council. No one member has complete control over anything that goes on in any aspect of the ruling of the Skyhole, and decisions are to be made by unanimous decision unless action otherwise would result in peril. Each member of the council must daily spend several hours listening to their constituents as equals, considering their concerns and opinions. They get one day off from this task a week, during which either the Grand or Minor Facilitator will visit, each of whom make a circuit of all twelve districts once every two week, taking no days off.

The military presence of Skyhole is the weakest, and the nation tries to remain outside of armed conflict whenever possible. Due to it’s immense power as a trade state, this is normally possible, but the council and many citizens fear that with the recent declaration of war between Korolia and Sorlick, that they will soon be brought into the conflict. They are the best route between the two kingdoms, the only other option being to brave the treacherous deserts to the north.

The United Peoples of the Skyhole

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