House Horlikae are the lords of Famuth. They made their city a power in Silverfrost by crafting and trading the finest alcohols and other drugs available in the entire kingdom. They are often known to throw lavish parties, and are the most sociable lords in Silverfrost. Horlikaes are known to be well educated, and usually are better with a quill than a sword.

Currently, house Horlikae has great power, as they married into the royal line. Garin Horlikae claims he was responsible for the wedding, but Malik and Orfage met each other during their service to the Order of the Moon, and this is where they fell in love and decided to marry.

The crest of house Horlikae is a blue tear on a field of gold. Their words are “Swords win battles, quills win wars.”

Garin Horlikae, Lord of Famuth
Jed Horlikae, his heir
Malik Orfage, Lady of Ishnu, Queen of Silverfrost, his daughter.
Garth Horlikae, his youngest son, soon to join service in the order of the moon


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