Grug’nak is the home of the Orcs and the animal-like tribes called the Beastmen. The civilization of Grug’nak is unique in that all the orcs live in one of 14 cities, which are built around archive towers.

The archive tower is a symbol of the orcs pride in their history, and is a burial ground that is built upward as is needed. Every orc within Grug’nak is guaranteed burial in one of these towers upon their death, and their deeds will be noted. The city with the highest archive tower is considered the capital, and the Tzar their has slightly more power than the other 13.

Orc society varies somewhat from city to city, but most have a somewhat communistic structure, and education and employment, as well as housing, are given to virtually every orc in the land. Each city has it’s own militia, with special characteristics, and many young orcs make a point to join the militia of the city they were born in, or the one they feel fits their style best. Upon coming of age, orcs are given a title, such as Grug the Clever or Sheyvar the Strong, as orcs do not have family names. The title may change as the orc accomplishes great deeds, and the title is meant to imply things about the person, and not their birth.

At the western edge of Grug’nak’s influence is a gigantic canyon called the world scar. If one is convicted of a harsh enough crime, they are given options of execution, life service in one of the militias, or to flee past the world scar, forfeiting their rights to orc burial. Few make it past the world scar, and almost none who do return. It is said that the magic that covered the world before the end of the last dragon war is still alive and thriving in these mysterious lands.



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