It is said that the King of Silverfrost is always at war. But unlike southern kings, he wars not against foreign lords nor his own subjects, but the land itself. The north is full of dangerous creatures, toxic plants and treacherous terrain. The weather is harsh and the length of daylight changes dramatically throughout the year.

One of the most famous aspects of Silverfrost is an organization put in place to help fight this war against the land itself. The Order of the Moon is a required service for all able-bodied people starting from the age of 17 and ending when they have been deemed ready to return to regular life. The Order of the Moon trains in The People’s Fort, far away from any other civilization. The men and women of the Order of the Moon are sent from the fort across Silverfrost to protect the people of the land and, in rare cases, fight wars with foreign foes.

The people of Silverfrost worship a pantheon of gods who make their seats on the moon. They believe that all gods were once common men and women, or even animals, that earned a holy place on the moon. The tales of these triumphs are kept in an epic poem that constitutes the holy book for the northmen.

Around the time the campaign began, the King of Silverfrost, Orfage Lestrine, has gone missing mysteriously. Queen Malik suspects foul play, specifically an agent of the Ever-Touched, who have throughout history been at odds at the north, just as the sun has been at odds with the moon. Stories of the king’s fate are varied, and the Queen sends out search parties all the time in search of her king.

Settlements in Silverfrost
Giant’s Town
Turtle Harbor
The People’s Fort

Culture varies throughout the north, but generally, within the king’s reach, prostitution is outlawed, and nature is revered. Silverfrost favors elk or bears as mounts, as horses have too much trouble in the cold icy climate to be of use. There is a strong sense of community among the people in the north, and there are many secrets kept from outsiders. The lands of Silverfrost are full of extreme terrain and fantastical landmarks.


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