Greyfort is a town in Silverfrost, ruled over by house Illiquent.

Greyfort is located on the Dead Claw, the largest of the Purple Islands. The Purple Islands are rich in Lapis Lazuli, and from there they derive their name. The Greyfort is a powerful structure built into the dramatic terrain of the Dead Claw, and is known for being a strange and harsh place.

The Purple Islands have perhaps the greatest population of Githzerai anywhere in the world. In addition, there are legends that when an ancient horror arose from the depths, the Greyfort was the only place that could withstand it’s evil magic. This has caused many houses to arrange marriages with the Greys.

The Greyfort earns its living farming the land and trading with whatever ships come by the sunken port, called as such because of how many times it has been rebuilt throughout history. The people of the Islands hunt moose and grow berries and grains, and many hermits live in the caves that litter the rocky mountainous islands.


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